Thursday, 5 May 2011

Satanic rituals

After the last post, I thought blood, gory sacrifices and sickening practices is what these rituals were all about.  After a bit more digging however I found out that in actual fact they are not as horrific as you may think, what we see in the media is satanic ritual abuse, a bit like how you would come across ‘Islamic extremists.’ The rituals are really supposed to be fairly mundane. There are magic based rituals and mystic based rituals, which the author of Theistic Satanism website compares them with Gnostic, and Sufi rituals
One of the rituals carried out by theistic satanist is black mass which entails the following steps:

(1) Incantation for focus
(2) Invocation to Set
(3) Period of meditation
(4) Act of thanksgiving or sacrifice
(5) Recitation of prayers and/or requests
(6) Adoration and re-confirmation of commitment

There is also a standard ritual format and a guidebook for the Chaplains of the Church of Satan of how to carry out the rituals. Satanism also has a ritual calendar which is an adaptation of witchcraft and celebrate eight major festivals, known as Sabbats:

February 1 – Candelmas
March 21 – Spring Equinox
April 30 – Walpurgisnacht
May 1 – Beltane
June 21 – Summer Solstice
August 1 – Lammas
September 23 – Fall Equinox
October 31 – Samhain
December 21 – Winter Solstice

Does anyone feel like Satanism /Devil worship is just a replica of other major faiths? A modern take on religion?


  1. I mean how gullible are you? like they are going to openly say that their rituals include harm to others. Evil is exactly that it is the complete opposite of good which means causing pain, grief, their rituals are very dark and they prefer the doom and gloom of it all so my friend there is no wrong way of perceiving the religion it is what it is!

  2. i suppose you do have a point, as in the 4th step of the ritual, worshippers could take sacrifice to mean anything from a fruit to a human being, its all about what the intentions are of the person performing the ritual.